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The series of six movies has been filmed over the

period of a year, beginning right after the tsunami in the tohoku region. 

Atsuko Tanaka, who is a famous director, known all over japan for her Ultraman series, takes the opportunity to tell the story of each single president. The webpages of each company can be accessed through this site, even though most of them are limited to Japanese language.

Thank you for visiting our page and sharing their experience globally.


Atsuko Tanaka (President Sora1 Ltd.)

Takashi Kawakami
Takashi Sato (Miyagi Television Service)
Takashi Kawakami
Shinji Nakazawa (Atos Co., Ltd.)

Shozo Morisaki     

Shozo Morisaki

Vroni Shiohara        

Kessennuma Cable Networks Co., Ltd. 



Vroni Shiohara

Vroni Shiohara

Vroni Shiohara



Renaissance Story Team


Producer & Director                                
Location Director                           

Musical direction                          

English Title & Subtitle                            


(Tsunami video material)                     


Web Producer & Director                       

Social Media                                           



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