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We are incredibly proud to know President Hashinuma and his family. We followed him, while he struggled to rebuild his factory, and now he managed to be back. Still, the burden of his loan will last and has to be carried on by his son. We consider every box of minced and grilled fish he sells through the webpage above a miracle. Please follow his steps and witness his achievings.


It has been exactly 52 years since Kaneko Hashinuma Suisan Co., Ltd. was founded near the sea in Shiogama. At present, the company produces boiled fish paste called "bamboo leaf kamaboko" in third generation under the leadership of Kouzou Hashinuma. All belongings were damaged by the tsunami – the plant and all machines being set under seawater, and the home built next to the factory was flooded up to the 2nd floor. All production lines and machinery are useless due to the salt water.


Before the earthquake, Kaneko sold their bamboo leaved minced fish products directly to Daiei Himonya, a supermarket shopping center in Tokyo- Meguro, was well known to especially Tokyo customers.       

48 small and middle sized companies related to minced fish production gathered in a union of Shiogama in November 2011 and applied to the subsidiary budget of the government. The application was authorized and in December 2011 the funding of a new factory began! 


President Kouzou Hashinuma watching over the production at his new factory

The new factory was completed April 10th 2012 on the same place it had been built beforehand. From 20th of April the production started.

Construction materials and labor costs are 30-40% higher than expected, an amount of 100 million yen, and it is not yet clear how fast the loan will be payed back.

Episode 1 Pinch & Chance

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