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Vice President Takayuki Kimura at all times kept his staff employed- at first, they all picked up an incredible sum of about 50000 cans, that had been buried in mud- all that was left after the tsunami. They cleaned it and sold the blank cans without labels all over Japan. The factory and other buildings for production have been set up in a new place, that hadn't been reached by the tsunami. They are designed very well and worth a visit!


Kinoya Ishinomaki Suisan Co. Ltd. is a company widely known in Japan for their canned food "kinka mackerel ", which is especially delicious grilled and fits beer perfectly. A number of factory buildings, as well as the store were floated away by the tsunami. 

After the tsunami, the staff began to pick up canned mackerels buried in the mud from the ruins of the factory one by one, what called sympathy all over Japan and people began to ask the Kimura family to sell all their can food left on events across the country.

A third-party company produced canned mackerels for Kinoya Inc. according to their recipes for the time the factory was down.
The construction of their new plant started in July 2012. President Kimura kept his whole staff employed at all times.



Vice President Takayuki Kimura picking up his canned food after the earthquake

The can food, Mr. Kimura picks up is famous all over Japan, called "tinned hope"- Kibou no kanzume (希望の缶詰). Not only because it saved the life of many people, but also for the personal message that has been printed on each can- a marketing concept that had been established before the earthquake. Each can, baring a message of gratitude to the consumer, has been helping the company
to reestablish the business.

Episode 2 Just lucky

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