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In between, our strong female president suffered from cancer. We admire how she managed not only to revive her whole business, but for doing it so well, she was awarded the General Director's prize at the National Fish Processing Exhibition. Her allmighty appearance in classic Japanese manners is overwhelming and we are very proud to have been able to follow her.

Kimura Shoten Co., Ltd. was founded in 1908- a long-established fish processing company, wich owned a retail store and factory near the sea in Yamada town. President Toshi Kimura is leading the company in 4th generation.
Although most of her belongings suffered from the flood, president Kimura began to build a pre-fabricated factory one month after the earthquake on the hills behind the factory.

She at first produced pacific fish in vinegar and salted mackerel in a tiny little hut she built at the side of her parent’s house. The president's motto is "Begin to do what you can do." The new factory has been completed at the end of 2012, gaining support of the "Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation." The flagship products- picked cuttlefish and sea urchin guts as well as other kinds of pickled Pacific fish and a sake bottle from cuddlefish guts- were awarded the Fisheries Agency General Director Prize at the “National Fish Processing Food Exhibition”.


President Toshi Kimura 

at Ginza, selling pickled hering right after the desaster


Toshi Kimura has been starting from zero after the disaster. But even she has been struggling day by day, she tells herself and her staff to do whatever can be done! Watch the movie to get to know more about Toshi and her products! She is so powerful!

Episode 3 Let's do it​

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